Auto pop-up on home screen for signup?

Hi Folks

Just come across your plugin and think it's super. Am in " free" area at the moment but will go for the membership if we can get it to do what we're looking for.

At the moment, I have it set to place the social icons in the login box on the WooCommerce my-account page and that's great. However, it needs to do a couple of things that I can't work out whether it will do or not.

1. The site needs a MailChimp signup pop-up box that allows folks to sign up using the social media. We wanted the pop-up to only pop up on the home page when a new user arrives at the site. Once the sign-up has been used, the pop-up should not be seen again for that user.

2. I need to place the social icons on the WooCommerce "Register" area as well. I assume this will be an easy thing to do, either in the template page for my-account or in the functions.php file.

Please let me know if these things are able to be done?


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  • Hi,

    1. That sounds possible. How to set it up depends on your MailChimp popup setup though.
    The Social Login plugin comes with specific hooks for user registration, which may work in this case.
    Such as:
    do_action ('oa_social_login_action_after_user_insert', $user_data, $identity);
    do_action ('oa_social_login_action_before_user_insert', $user_fields, $identity);

    2. Normally, the plugin already displays the icons in the WooCommerce register page.
    But, if not there is a shortcode ('oa_social_login'), and some custom PHP code (do_action('oa_social_login')) you can add in a functions.php.

    Let us know if there is any additional info you may need.
  • Hi there, Fred

    Sorry - it sounded like I wanted MailChimp to pop up the sign-up box. What I want is for OneAll to pop up a sign-up box after a certain amount of time or when the user gets to a certain segment of the home page. When the user signs up, the data will be saved in the Wordpress database as normal. We will then sync the data with MailChimp.

    Does this sound like something that can be done?

  • Hi Chris,

    Not sure how this can fit in your setup, but you can trigger the display of the social login icons with a shortcode (['oa_social_login']), or by adding PHP code in a template (<?php do_action('oa_social_login'); ?>), or by adding code in an action hook (oa_social_login_render_login_form ('custom');) that you trigger.
    Then, the normal registration or login occurs as normal.
    So, possible, but will require tweaking.

  • Fred, thanks - I'll try the shortcode in a specific spot on the page and let you know how it goes.

  • Fred, I tried the shortcode with and without the '' and it doesn't display anything?



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