Where did the standard wp-login box go?


I'm sorry, I'm probably just being an idiot, but when I am adding the shortcode to a page, the Facebook-login option shows but not the regular WordPress login?
I do want people to be able to sign up/login with Facebook, but also to have the option to just create a new user :)

Thank you!
Kind regards Ida


  • Hi Ida,
    Yes, the Social Login shortcode only displays the social icons.
    Adding a register form, or link, is different.
    You can use widgets, or menus, to show the login/register links along with the social icons (we provide a widget item for this).

    Apologies for not providing a definite answer to your question :-)
  • I'm sorry, I'm still very confused :D

    I now changed to using the widget instead of the shortcode, but I can still only see the Facebook-icon?

    I'm using a theme called Divi, and I could add a separate box/module for "Login" (because unfortunately your Icons are not added in this module) but I would prefer to have them be in the same one and look as pretty and seemless as it does in your screenshots in the Plugin-info.

    Any suggestions?
  • Hi,
    Leaving the social icons aside for now, can you display a login/register form in your theme the way you want it to be?

  • Yes, if you visit the website now you should see a regular login-form (without social icons) and next to it, the Facebook login. So these are separate now.

    (I just noticed that the Facebook-login doesn't work either, I get a popup saying:
    "Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App's settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains."

    I'm just not having a great tech-day and I'm too stressed to solve the problems myself right now, so sorry if I'm just doing everything wrong :D
  • No problem, you are not doing anything wrong.

    The Facebook error message is caused by Facebook app settings.
    Try the following settings in your developers.facebook.com settings:
    Web site: http://[insert your aoneall domain name].api.oneall.com/
    Valid OAuth redirect URIs: same as web site url (http://[insert your aoneall domain name].api.oneall.com/)

    Thanks for posting the login box.
    It is surprising the Divi form does not include the social icons...
    In the plugin settings, did you choose to display the icons in the login and registration forms?
    Otherwise, the social icons can be displayed via Wordpress hooks, or by inserting some PHP code.
    However, as we do not have access to the Divi theme source code, it is difficult to say how...

  • Yeay! The Facebook-settings worked!

    Unfortunately I did choose to show the social icons in the login and registration form but it's still not showing, BUT when "logging out" of my account and ending up on the classic Wordpress login page (not the widget or module in a Divi page) the Facebook Icon DOES show, so it's when using the Divi module "Login" it doesn't show.

    Well, then I at least know for now and I can use this version I have right now to keep them separate on the page for now, it will work :)

    Thank you so much for your fast help!


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