pre-defined group called Registered OneAll users

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Just signed up and installed on our phpbb forum. As per the documentation, users automatically get up in the pre-defined group called Registered OneAll users. Is there a way to avoid this so we don't have to setup permissions etc again or how does this work. New to all of this.


Edit: So i was able to successfully register with a social network which is a good step but the user got put in both the newly registered and registered group (wasn't called Registered OneAll users as per the documentation)?


  • Hi,
    Normally, the new user gets added to this group, in addition to all others set.
    So, it should not interfere with your permission setup.
    Maybe there is some other problem.
    In your Edited comment, didn't the user get also added to the OneAll group?

  • Hi, I have the same problem. There is no such group as Registered OneAll users and no users get added to that group when registering with OneAll. Users registering with OneAll are added to the New Users group and Registered Users-default group, just like anyone else. What could be wrong?
  • Hi,
    Yes, you are correct.
    Unfortunately, this is normal because the publicly available plugin (on is not the latest, nor matches the documentation.
    We'll update the plugin on
    Thanks for reporting.
  • Great, thanks. Is the updating of the plugin a matter of
    - disable old
    - delete plugin folder
    - upload new version
    - enable plugin
  • Hi,
    Yes. That should do it. Just do not delete the data.

  • Is there a way to merge the Registered Oneall users into the Registered Users list? We want to show the Registered Users in the legend on the main forum page and it just looks silly to see a Registered Oneall group listed as well.
  • Hi,
    The Oneall registered users are members of the normal Registered Users.
    They are simply added to the Oneall Registered Users (in addition to the other groups).
    Why does the Registered Oneall Users group show as well?

  • We wanted to show all members logged in on the front page of the forum. Now when this is enabled, we see 'Registered Users' in one color and the 'Registered OneAll Users' in a different one, so our members get a little confused of why there are two different groups but they have the same permissions / access rights. If there was a way to merge them under the original 'registered users' group, then I wouldn't have an issue.

  • Hi,
    It is difficult to merge the groups, because the user is already part of both groups (registered and Oneall).
    How do you display the logged in members group legend? Is it via the Manage Group Positions?
    Because there seems to be options to display the group in legend, but that should be off.
    Otherwise, we could make the registered OneAll group an optional feature.


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