Picture and Video in advanced sharing api not working

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We are added some post from oneall advance sharing api but unable to post images and video along with the post. We are using videos url and image url in parameters in API. Please confirm that this is the right way to publish the images and video on social sites?

Code uses in PostMessage to upload images and Video :

Video = new MessageVideo() { Url = new Uri("video url") }, Picture = new MessagePicture() { Url = new Uri("image url") },
Please let us know on this asap as our client has purchase the license and waiting on these feature to publish on live site. We would also like to know the contact number for calling to get support instantly, because we did not get answered for the queries that we have posted on the forum and client is getting panic.

Thanks in advance


  • Hi Rohit,
    We have seen your previous question on this topic.
    Our web API uses text for these URL, what is the type of your created objects?
    Also, what is the environment for your application?

  • Hi Fred,

    We are having .Net 3.5 (c#) environment. And we are putting url for video and images in text format like "Url = new Uri("http://login.thedemandengine.net/images/yellowpages.png")", similar to video also.

    Does this information is enough to show image and video into post.

  • Also, where to upload the image or video option in .net sdk
  • Hi,
    What is the error message you are getting?
    Could you post the rest of the code for your publication? (the part that creates the message, not just the Uri() calls).
  • Rohit_KadamRohit_KadamMember
    edited May 2016
    Hi Fred,

    Here is the code sample I used to post on Facebook as well as LinkedIn and Twitter

    PostMessage strMessage = new PostMessage() { Parts = new MessageParts() { Text = new MessageText() { Body = "The Description" }, Video = new MessageVideo() { Url = new Uri("http://uat.thedemandengine.net/Images/TempImages/facebook_1.mpg") }, Picture = new MessagePicture() { Url = new Uri("http://login.thedemandengine.net/images/yellowpages.png") }, Link = new MessageLink() { Url = new System.Uri("http://uat.thedemandengine.net/PreviewBlog.aspx?Blg=i"), Name = "Title", Description = "The Description", Caption = "Demand Engine" } }, Providers = { "facebook"} }; Response<PostResult> response = OneAllAPI.Default.UserPublishContent(userToken, strMessage); if (response != null && response.Request != null && response.Request.Status != null && response.Request.Status.Code.Equals(200) && response.Result != null && response.Result.Data != null && response.Result.Data.Message != null) { isPublished = true; } else if (response != null && response.Request != null && response.Request.Status != null) { isPublished = false; }

    Code successfully works and returns status 200 with success, But the images and videos attached with the message are not shown on the Facebook page. We also wants to know about sharing youtube and vimeo video links.

  • Also, we does not want attach link with the post. But removing link gives error - 400
  • Hi Fred,

    We are waiting on your answers to our queries. Please let us know the resolutions of these issues asap as we need to live these feature and our customers are waiting on this. These issues are impacting our client business and if these issues will not resolve then they might cancel the subscription of the oneall.

    Thanks in advance,
  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Rohit,

    I have answered your ticket this afternoon and I'm waiting for your answer.



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