There is blank page after logged in

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Your Facebook application is misconfigured (
    You have configured it to Desktop app, while it should be a Web app.



  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited May 2016
    There is an updated version of the plugin from May 17 (version 1.5) for Opencart 2.
    Is this the one you are using?

    Also, which version of Opencart are you using?

  • Thanks.
    Also, which version of OpenCart 2 are you using?
    We're trying to reproduce the error, so the more info the better (any related installed extension would help).

  • I use opencart I guess you have not tested carefully your extension :)

    I have not installed more extension yet
  • Hi,
    We notice you have seller registration, which extension, if any, is providing this?

  • Oh sorry, I remember that I installed enxtension of Multimerch

    But there is this failure after I reinstall all of web code
  • The problem is that the Oneall extension works on, without the extension from multimerch.
    Unfortunately, we cannot install this extension to test.
    Perhaps you can ask for some help from the multimerch people? (if there is anything special about their login/register process)

  • I removed multimerch. It is basic opencart now
  • Ok, thanks. And do you still experience the problem?
  • Can you explain more about experience the problem. I have still this failure
  • ah ok. Turn it off , it has solved. thank you very much
  • Hi,
    No problem. We're improving the error handling to hopefully make this faster to resolve.
    So, thanks for reporting the error!


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