Redirect on white page. Two languages

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I have a domain in two languages. The first works correctly, but when i am logging on the second language, it's redirects me on the white list.
How can i fix it? - first language - second language


  • Hi,
    Which version of OpenCart are you using?
    Just to clarify: this is the same OpenCart site, but configured with 2 languages?
    What do you mean by 'redirects me to the whitelist'?

    Sorry for the questions!
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    @Fred_Pinel, i made a mistake. "white page", not "white list". in the second language "oneall sicial" redirects me on the white page. and nothing happens

    yes, it's the same site, but in two languages. and second language has url as ""

    Version (trs-
  • Hi, I have exact the same problem, that Anna have. and

    The first link is ok,
    but the second one stops at the white page with this url

    OC ver. 2102 (trs-
  • Hi,
    How did you set up OpenCart for the other languages with a /ru or /uk URIs?
    Reason is that by default, the language choice is set in a cookie (and several languages work), while URIs do not change.

    Do you have any URLs for your sites for us to check?

    Also, we're soon releasing another version with better error handling when the login fails (instead of a white page...).

  • @Fred_Pinel , may i send URL on your mail?
    Thank you
  • @Fred_Pinel I have SeoPro plugin on my site.
  • @Ivan_Ivanov i have the same plugin
  • @Fred_Pinel And I have an idea.

    I noticed, that default ( have page
    after logging (and it's ok as i writed earlier)

    So similarly what if I'll redirect from
    to this
    for example, using htaccess.

    will it work?
  • Hi,
    Thanks for mentioning the SeoPro extension.
    This extension probably interferes with our extension.
    Quickly browsing through the code: maybe you can try to modify the file: catalog/controller/common/seo_pro.php:
    comment (place a // at the beginning og the line) line 239: return $link;
    This is mentioned as a comment in the following line
    (// (if you want to pass all parameters on homepage as is, comment the line above: `// return $link;`))

    You can also try your suggestion, but I think the SeoPro is removing needed parameters.

    Finally, the next release of our extension will provide more information on login failures (in the admin log).
    If needed, I can send you by email the file to edit.

  • edited June 2016
    @Fred_Pinel , hi. comment 239 line didn't help me. i have the same error.

    please send me on xxxx what i have to edit.
    Thank you.
  • Hi,
    We sent you the update.
  • Hi all.
    We solved the problem by another method.
    in the catalog/controller/common/seo_pro.php
    we add:


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