Cookie time?


Is it possible to remember logged in users until they log out by themselves?


  • Hi,
    Not sure we understand the question. Could you provide more explanations.
  • Hi,

    I would like to enable (if it's possible) when user once log in, he stay logged-in until he click "log out"...
  • Hi,
    So, the user should be logged out from your site when the user logs out from the social network?
  • Hi,

    Currently when user close his browser he is automatically logged out from forum, he should stay logged in until he click to log out. It's about user cookies...
  • Hi,
    Ok, thanks. Then isn't this a behaviour of the CMS (site), and not the plugin?
    The plugin only triggers the login into the CMS, and the tokens provided by the social networks have their own lifetime.



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