Why are there multiple user tokens in snapshot details response, separate for each provider?

One would think that a single message shared via several providers would belong to a single person (and have a single user_token), therefore the snapshot details response would contain a single user_token and a list of providers. The example in the doc, however, locates the user_token inside the list of providers - moreover, in the example, this user_token is different for different providers, implying that more than one person can share one message - which is odd.

Is this a bug in the doc? Is this how it's supposed to work but I'm not getting something?

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Yes, that is correct. The doc is out of date.
    Thanks for reporting this!


  • Okay. The actual response returned from OneAll has the user_token attached to each provider separately (as is in the doc). Can we safely assume this will be the same user_token? (unlike as is in the doc)
  • Yes.
    (Minus the possibility of a bug.)


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