modal.css not responsive

edited April 2015 in Social Login

at first, great job.

I have to use the modal popup (attach_onclick_popup_ui) on my website. When you open the modal.css with a smartphone the popup is to big. You cant close it with android 4 and you cant read it complete.

I know, custom css is only available in a basic plan but I have so less logins, that its really not worth for me. When I have more, off course I will signup for premium. Is it anyways possible for me to edit the modal.css? Or can you please make the modal box responsive? Its enough to change the font size and

.modal .outer_container to width: 80% instead of 100%

When you have a smartphone, please open the popup box to verify. To make the box responsive is not difficult. I would like to do it but its not possible. I hope you can do this quickly.

Thank you very much for a reply.


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