callback problem

I am trying to integrate this social module in but its not working, when i try it takes me to . Pls help



  • Hi,
    This indicates some error in the login/register process.
    Unfortunately, there is little information displayed for the moment (we're fixing this soon).
    For now, could you double-check the configuration of: your social network apps (,...), the configuration on, and finally, the configuration of the plugin.

    Hope this helps.
  • thanks for the reply, i have double checked, however, there i found something fishy, that oneall, giving url :, and my site is not a https one.
    Is this the problem?
  • Hi,
    Worth a try.
    Check, and eventually change, this line in the file config.php (in the root of your OpenCart install directory):
    define('HTTPS_SERVER', '');
    Or like:



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