How do I get Social Sharing?

I have set up social login and it works great, but I want to make use of social sharing but it takes me to my dashboard when I click on the link? I need to get rid of Sumome....


  • Hi,
    Could you provide more information?
    What is your web site's platform? Which social sharing feature are you using?

  • Hi Fred
    I'm using Sumome list builder popup on Wordpress.
    I hope that is what you are asking for..
  • Yes, thanks. And you are using our Social Sharing plugin?
  • I have the Social Login plugin and have tried to get the Social Sharing plugin but when I go to the page where the details are and click on the get started button at the bottom of the page(at least I think that is what the button is labled as) then it just takes me back to my Dashboard where the details of my site is.. I can't seem to find where to download the Social Sharing plugin...
  • Hi Leo,
    There is a OneAll Social Sharing plugin you can download from the Wordpress site (using the usual plugin admin interface).
    I don't know about the Sumome plugin, and it's sharing feature though.
    Does it have some kind of sharing feature that somehow is not working with Social Login registered users?



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