Instagram set my email to dummy

Hi there,

Basically instagram have changed my email to ******** despite me using my hotmail account for ages. Ive had some suspicious activity going on with my account and I've had to reset the password and I had a passcode but it did nothing. I'm still locked out and I can't get any help because there is no email to contact them (I've tried twitter and Facebook but I doubt they'll work also emailing the support).

I don't know why... it's changed to a domain? I've never chained it, it's always been which is what I don't understand.

Please can anyone help me?


  • Hi,
    How did you find out your Instagram email changed?
    Is it by logging in via Social Login on your site?
    Reason is that in some cases, the Social Login plugin will set a user's email to some random
    (what is your web site build with? Wordpress...)



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