Mobile Web Browser Login via Native Social Media SDK

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Hello, how do I get the user experience for a mobile user to go through their device's built in Social media accounts instead of asking for a web based login into their desired social media?

I am using the Wordpress plugin

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    Hello Frederic, when I posted that I ws under the impression taht I could get the mobile website version of OneAll to open the native Social App on the device for verification instead of forcing the user to be logged in on their mobile browser (after all who does that anymore) I have since been told that you can't trigger the native App API via web and that it is only available if you use OneAll in a native App yourself.


  • Hello Andrea,

    I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Could you please provide more details ?
    Are you trying to remove the web popups when the plugin connects ?

  • Yes :-)
    Thanks for the clarification.


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