Unable to re-authenticate ACP

Today I have installed a extension oneall social login, and then I cannot log in to ACP, again and again it is showing "To administer the board you must re-authenticate yourself" message. I have stucked here because, even I can't disable the extension because can't access ACP. Please help me my board is http://www.bahas.in/


  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited June 2016
    To access the ACP, you indeed must enter your credentials again.
    How did you login to PhpBB? With the new Social Login extension, or with your administrator account?

    Also, the URL you mention does not use PhpBB, but Vanilla, without our plugin, is this normal?

  • Hi Fred_Pinel when I posted this question the phpbb 3.1.9 was installed on my website. When I installed oneall in it then I was unable to log in to ACP, I have entered again and again the credentials but the message shown again.

    Now after not getting any support from phpbb community and from your side, I choosed to move to vanilla.
  • Hi Vikas,
    Ok, that's fine.
    Entering the credentials to enter the ACP, even once logged in is normal procedure for PhpBB.

    Just in case, we also support Vanilla ;-)

    Good luck.
  • Vanilla already have social integration in its own.


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