Facebook Social Login is not pulling the Profile Picture, how can i fix this??

Recently Oneall facebook login has stopped pulling profile pictures, not even displaying profile pictures of users that signed up before the problem began. Setting show that is should pull large quality profile pictures so i'm not sure what is wrong???

My Site is POI Australia

Thanks for any help

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited June 2016
    Did you activate something else recently? (Buddypress...) Or the media settings for image specifications?
    Do you have access to your Wordpress database, or to the logs?
    We can check these places to track the avatars in the site.

    Edit: notice you are using Buddypress.

  • Yes i am using Buddypress but i have been for a long while. It has worked in the past. Is it possible a recent buddypress update has caused the issue??? I have cpanel access to view database records.

    Error Log shows heaps of identical errors:
    [Thu Jun 30 18:54:17.734717 2016] [access_compat:error] [pid 13635] [client] AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /home/poiaustraliacom/public_html/xmlrpc.php

    How can i fix this???
  • Hi,
    This is an Apache server configuration error. Maybe in a local .htaccess file.
    It is also related to the old style configuration directives, if that can help (not sure :).

  • Spoke to my host about the error code, it doesn't appear to be of concern and not related to the profile pictures not displaying.

    Any other possible causes why the profile pictures pulled using your plugin are not displaying??

  • Hi,
    Ok. Unfortunately, there are many possible causes... So, we'll need some more information:
    Which versions of WP and Buddypress are you using? (v2.6 seems recent)

  • HI again,
    Ok, trying out the latest version of Buddypress (June 30, 2.6.1) does not indeed display the profile pictures!
    We're looking into it...
  • Hi,
    Here is a workaround.
    We'll update our plugin shortly if this works for you.
    In file: wp-content/plugins/oa-social-login/includes/user_interface.php
    At about line: 613, replace this:
    //Do not override if it's not the default avatar if (!empty ($bp_user_avatar) AND $bp_user_avatar <> bp_core_avatar_default ()) { //User has probably upladed an avatar $override_avatar = false; } with this:
    if (bp_get_user_has_avatar ($user_id)) { $override_avatar = false; } Hope this helps.
  • Zilks_HnsenZilks_HnsenMember
    edited July 2016
    Hey Fred,
    Unfortunately I have replaced the code at line 613 in the appropriate .php file and cleared all my cache but it has only partially resolved the problem... Profile Pictures are now displaying in backend wordpress but still not in front end.

    Anything else we could try???

  • Hi,
    Thanks. There is something else, but that's already helpful.
    We'll provide a new version of the WP plugin with a tentative fix shortly.
  • Thanks. i look forward to the update
  • Artur_CoutoArtur_CoutoMember
    edited August 2016
    Hi guys, I've been using the WP plugin for some time and never got to have the profile picture from the user that sign to my site. The user is created but the picture doesn't come. I don't have buddypress, all settings are ok to get the profile picture as avatar and nothing. Can you help me? My site is saopaulofc.com.br
  • Hi,
    Seems your site is setting default pictures for users. Is this intended?
    You can try to trace what is happening by adding this to the theme's functions.php, and by checking the logs:
    add_filter ('get_avatar', 'check_avatar', 10, 5); function check_avatar ($avatar, $mixed, $size, $default, $alt = '') { global $wp_filter; error_log (print_r($wp_filter['get_avatar'], true)); return $avatar; }
  • I've just installed the most recent update and the problem still exists. I have profile pictures in the back end of wordpress and not the front end. is there a fix for this??
  • Yep its all back and working. must have been an issue with cache.

    Thanks for the fix and quick reply :)
  • Hi,
    The latest version of the Oneall plugin (5.2) for Wordpress includes a fix for Buddypress avatars.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hey Fred... you are right, I have installed the plugin WPAvatar that allows the user to upload your profile - the ones who registers normally. It's has the option of : "For users without a custom avatar of their own, you can either display a generic logo or a generated one based on their e-mail address"

    Should I remove this plugin or there is way to have it working with the OneAll?


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