The oneall block shows 2 times in one page

I just try to deploy the Oneall social logint module to my Prestashop website.
I've checked the module hook, only in one place.
Why is the oneall block shows twice?
Can I adjust it to only the top one or the below one?

Thank you!

See the screenshot:


  • Hi,
    Try to disable the hook for position header or footer.
    A couple of questions:
    - which version of Prestashop are you using?
    - In the Admin site, which positions is the OneAll module hooked to? You said only one?
    By default, there are several positions hooked, because different themes use different hooks.
    Probably, your site's theme is using more than one of the initial hooked positions.

  • In case of power failures, a manual release allows the door to be opened manually, ensuring functionality at all times.


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