I dont want Registered Uses to be able to access the backend...

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What I am after is a plugin that allows site visitors to connect with their social media details in order to visit restricted pages. I dont want them to then be logged into Wordpress in any way. I basically want their name, email address etc in return for accessing offers and restricted info. I want a plugin that stops me needing to ask the visitor to fill in a registration/sign up form.
Is this the right plugin for me?

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    The plugin does login and registration. But it is customizable.
    First, we'd need to know how do you plan to provide the access to the registered pages, without social login involved?
    Are you considering some special permissions, another plugin, ...

  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Hi Nigel,
    Some comments: the Oneall core service retrieves a person's social profile (with the person's permission of course).
    This core feature is available outside Wordpress, it is fairly simple to use.
    Now, there is a Wordpress plugin that bundles this, and the WP registration/login (with hooks).
    From the description, maybe just the service, and not the Wordpress plugin, would work?
    For example: by adding the necessary JS+HTML on the existing form you have. Then, inserting into the existing server handler the code to get the profile data, such that it follows your existing workflow.
    (by the way, not all profiles include the email address)

    Sorry for the length of reply.
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    Hi Fred,
    Thats what I feared!
    This is far beyond me!
    Thanks for your help, I think I shall tell my client it will involve a custom plugin written for him.


  • Hi Fred,
    Thanks for your reply. At present the visitor fills in a simply form, Name, Tel, Email and Clicks Submit. At this point their info is emailed to a recipient address and they either automatically get emailed a voucher or a representative calls them to sign them up. My Client now wants a set up where, instead of the form, they simply 'register' interest by clicking a Social Media icon of their choice and their info is taken from their Social Media account and passed to a recipient address, and someone contacts them like before.
    I'm not sure it's going to work, but I am interested to hear your thoughts.


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