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We request all of our users to login with a 'FirstnameLastname' structure (i.e. no nicknames) and the accounts have to be admin approved. If we implement the oneall system linked w/ Facebook (or other social media platforms), will that change the username to something different?


  • Hi,
    The extension will follow the admin approval.
    By default, the extension will set the username from the user social profile name, and default to a generated name.
    This is probably not what you want.
    But, the extension can be configured to request the user to confirm his username and email, such that your convention can be followed (but not enforced).
    Finally, there is a custom hook that allows you to view/change the account creation details.

    Hope this helps.
  • Where is the custom hook located for such account creation details?
  • Hi,
    In file: [phpbb directory]/ext/oneall/sociallogin/event/listener.php,
    At the end, the function: public function modify_data ($event) is called before inserting the user.
    In that function, you can use the following data:
    $event['social_profile']; // which holds the social network profile for the user, as read-only
    $event['user_row']; // which holds the user record that is about to be created, modifiable.
    In the user record, there is is the username, that you may want to verify, and edit.
    You can add your logic based on the profile data from the social network.

    Hope this helps.
    Feel free to post more here.


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