Login with WordPress.com Account Not Working

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I just tried to login to my site using the WordPress.com option. When you click on the logo, it opens a window and asks for your WordPress.com username. Once you enter it, the window then navigates to the WordPress.com home page. Even if you sign in from there, it just shows you WordPress.com, but never actually signs you in to my site. For now, I am disabling this option on our site until the issue is resolved.


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    Try to connect by specifying http://NAME.wordpress.com instead of just the username.
    But, just the user name (actually the domain name) should also work.

  • Sorry - perhaps I wasn't being clear. When the user clicks on the WordPress.com icon to login with their WordPress.com account, they are presented with a pop up login screen that asks for their username. When they enter their username, another pop up appears showing them the WordPress.com home page.

    If users need to login with that method by using a custom URL, then it should ask them for that. Again - this is a user login issue. And it doesn't work.
  • Click on the WordPress.com icon and get this:

    Fill in the username, click "Login" and get this:
  • Hi,
    Yes, we have seen this.
    What the user must input is his domain name, if it is different from his username.
    Also, Wordpress.com removed the openid login for accounts created after Feb 2016, maybe this is the case here.

    What is your URL?

  • For testing purposes, the WordPress.com account I'm using is my personal one. I created it more than a year ago, specifically to use the Gravatar service. My WordPress.com username does not have a URL.

    1) If the user has to have a WordPress URL in order to login with their WordPress.com username - that needs to be apparent to the user who is attempting to login.

    2) If the user needs to use their WordPress.com URL to login, rather than their username, then that should be obvious in the first pop up message, where it asks the user to enter the username.

    Until these issues are resolved, I've disabled the WordPress.com login option from my site.


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