Social avatars disappeared


We have updated the Buddypress to latest Version and profile avatars has disappeared from front and backend. We have also upgraded to php 7 but reverted back to old PHP Version 5.3.29 to check if that was the issue, but issue persisted. Any suggestions to what could be the cause? Awaiting your kind quick support as we have 60 thousand users site and this making us look bad

In peace,


  • Hi George,
    Yes, we identified a problem with Avatars with later versions of Buddypress.
    We'll be releasing an updated plugin version for this shortly, which hopefully fixes this error.
    I'll let you know when it is there.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Guys this is almost two weeks and we still don't have fix!!! Please this is making us look very unprofessional as we are an established platform with thousands of users and the avatar can't stay blank like this.

  • Yes please this is very important, will need to find alternative product ASAP if this is not solved
  • Hi,
    We understand. There will be a fix shortly.

  • Hi,
    The OneAll plugin for Wordpress has been updated and includes a fix for this.



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