Steam OA Social Login

Hi, i want to get the Social Login from you for my wordpress website, but i have some questions:

1: I want to offer a Steam login in my WordPress website, but i was wondering if I can delete the wordpress login and only offer Steam login for my Woocommerce customers. It this possible/it will work?

2: When a user login with Steam Social Login, Will he be able to buy in my Woocommerce store?

3: I want to offer some plus like "rewards for customers" (i will use yitemes plugins), Will this have some impact in the Social Login/will work?

4: There is a way to modify the page "My-Account" for those that login with Steam Social Login?

Thanks !!


  • Hi,
    1. Yes, that should work. You do need to display the social login icons elsewhere. There are various ways to do this (hooks, shortcode, widget) in addition to the default locations.
    2. Normally yes. Social login creates and logs users as in Wordpress.
    3. No idea, unfortunately.
    4. So, you would need to identify Steam social login users? If so, look into



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