after register and allowed developer access, what next?

After I register and allowed developer access, what i have to do next? because i got problem with login (Facebook). I just follow the steps of register and allow access. This error shown after I login.

{"response":{"request":{"date":"Mon, 18 Jul 2016 06:52:02 +0200","resource":"\/inde:\/\/\/socialize\/redirect.html?provider_connection_token=90a84886-911f-4f58-ad85-875f288a049d","status":{"flag":"error","code":404,"info":"We are really sorry, but the resource you are trying to access does not exist. If you are currently implementing our services, then please make sure that your callback_uri points to a file on your server and not on ours."}}}}

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Thanks. Apparently, it seems the OpenCart variable HTTPS_SERVER is undefined.
    It is defined in config.php.
    You can use the same statement as for HTTP_SERVER, right above, if you are not using HTTPS.



  • Hi,
    There is a strange protocol specified: /inde in your callback URI.
    Does that remind you of something in your setup?

  • there is no remind. I just register. that all :/ or i missed some step ?
  • Hi,
    Can you verify the Facebook app settings (, especially the Valid OAuth redirect URIs, in the Facebook Login tab?
    What is your web site URL?

  • here is my web site URL

    one more thing, what I want to put at callback_uri ?

  • Hi,
    Normally, the builtin value for the callback URI should work (in the plugin code).
    Why do you want to change it?

  • Hi, well actually about the Facebook, Twitter and Gmail login, i got no problem now.
    well, thank you for helping me.

    but, I have problem with PayPal login.

    it shown :

    Relying Party Validation error: client_id provided in the request does not match any of the registered clients. Please check the request.

    can you go through this url ?



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