Multidomain setup

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Pulling my hair out I have a multidomain WP setup - the primary domain everything works fine the gameserver site not so well. I seem to be getting this error image I have added all the domains but its just not working. <-- thats the primary so everything gets a subdomain of it like what i have set a multidomain setup to point it to I have put every domain into the whitelist


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    btw These are in my whitelist
  • Hi,
    This is a Facebook app configuration issue.
    Could you verify the app settings? (only a few are needed)
    There is perhaps some specifics for multisite, such as the App Domains, which are not normally needed.
  • I dont belive it is a facebook issue I think the whitelist doesnt work as it should. Originally I was just going to use remote generations settings for the site but it failed and it does work on the same server and ip (just a different domain)
  • Hi,
    There should be a separate block, below the one you copied, which should say:
    Website | site URL and mention the Oneall app URL (
    Also, is this app URL mentioned in the Facebook Login | Valid OAuth redirect URIs?



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