social login icons does not work. none of them.

hi. using wordpress latest version.
i got this problem from yesterday.
until yesterday, everything went fine. no changes made in setting. everything is like befor.
at first i thought this is just a temporarily problem from (google, yahoo, hotmail or facebook) and it would be solved.
but after a day, it's still not working.
how can i fix it?


  • i've disabled all the plugins,
    and now only social login is activated but it's still not working.
  • Hi,
    Is there a web site we can access?

  • hi @fred_pinel
    thanks for the attention and answer.

    at july 27 the buttons stop working,
    for exmple u click to sign in with google, the google site pop up shows and ask for email, password.
    you enter the requested email and password. so it show u this message: "you are successfully logged in with google account"

    butttt you will be redirected to the login page again! and u are not logged in!
    suddenly out of no where, in the july 28 until now, the buttons are working fine!! :|
    but now, again i faced this issue in some other ways!
    i was logged in with my google account, so i logged out. after 5minutes i tried to log in again,
    but when i press the login button, it shows me the successful login message, but redirect me to login page, like i'm not logged in.

    i've disabled all the plugins, and the problem not solved.
    i've removed all the extra functions, in my functions.php but the problem still not solved.
    not using the child theme.
    wordpress latest version.
    using buddypress.

    any future information u need, just tell me.
    here is the web address:
    it's in persian language,
    here is the log in pageورود

    and again thanks for ur help.
  • do you think it's a good idea to delete the plugin,
    and install it again?
  • i didn't re-install the plugin. but now, they are working fine.
    can you tell me please, what is the reason of this issue?
    i mean if it's working fine, it should continue working. because my site is done with installing any plugin.
    i've installed what i wanted to, and there were no conflict.
    i just post stuff to my site. nothing more.
    but now this happens.
    i'd appreciate your time , if u help me in this case.
    thanks a milion.
  • Hi,
    Indeed, it appears to be working.
    (By the way, the avatar will be fixed in our next plugin release.)

    Did anything show up in your log file?

  • hi fred.
    yes they are working now.
    and thanks for fixing the avatars very much.
    yes, i received an email which said that logged in from facebook.
    let me tell you in advance, what exactly happened.
    i logged in from google account, successfully got logged in.
    in a minute, i logged out from account, and tried to enter from my hotmail acc.
    so i entered the requested data, and saw the successfully logged msg, but! i got redirected to login page!
    so i said, ok, no problem. i'll login with google acc again ,
    so clicked on google , saw the saw the successfully logged msg, but! i got redirected to login page! again! ( but how's that possible? because i 5minutes ago i was logged in with that account!)
    so i tried facebook, and yahoo.
    both show the logged in msg, but they redirect me to log in page, and i was not logged in!
    i got this report from my users too.
    sorry for long explanation. :)
    i hope it helped to solve .
  • is it a good idea to re-install the plugin?
    and see if this issue continues to happen? or not?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for reporting the error.
    Just to be clear: is everything OK now?



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