I want to stop using OneAll. How do I convert user accounts to native WordPress?

I've been using this wonderful WordPress plugin for a few years now. However, I'm looking to go back to native WordPress accounts only.

I think if I deactivate the plugin, the users will still be there (because so far, all users via OneAll have been linked to a WordPress account). But I think the username and password will be unknown to them.

How can I keep my user accounts and the sanity of my users when I deactivate OneAll?

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    Yes, as correctly mentioned, the plugin creates regular WP users, with some additional user meta data.
    Removing the plugin does not delete any user data. (so, re-activating the plugin will make login work again).

    It's true that the users will not know their username/passwords to login (randomly generated for them).
    They can however simply use the "Password Lost" page and enter their email address to get an email with their login data.



  • The developers may be more apt to comment on this but my experience is that it just creates a user account, so disabling wouldn't do anything to their account. You raise a good point about them not knowing their password however. I would duplicate your site onto a staging environment and login with one of your personal social media accounts then disable the plugin and do a password reset to test things out.

    If it works you should just email all of your users letting them know you're removing social sign on and that they have to reset their passwords. The tricky part is that depending on what social network they signed in with could be a different email address so it could lead to some complications.
  • I'm concerned that indeed I'm reaching email addresses that aren't checked regularly, or sometimes in the case of Facebook for example, the social service provides its own email address.

    I've thought about staging and testing it myself. I was wondering what the official response from OneAll is on the subject. They make it very easy for you to enter the service but there is no documentation for graceful exit. It's not that I don't enjoy their service. It's just for this particular project I don't want to depend on OneAll, I want to revert to natively supporting logins.


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