How can I have a user pick a username during the social login?


I was hoping someone has thought about, or done this before. Is there a way to allow new users to choose a username during the social login process? Honestly, I'd love for this functionality to be available for any new user, whether they are on the login or registration page.

For your information, I will be using custom front-end login and registration forms. I will be using the OneAll shortcode on these pages to display the social login.

A person will go to the registration page, and have the option of either filling out the reg form, or clicking one of the social networks. When they click on a social network, I'd still like them to be able to choose their username.

I hope this all makes sense. Please let me know if you need clarification.



  • Hi,
    This makes sense, but it is not supported in the plugin.
    The plugin code can be changed, with some effort, based on the empty email check and modal window.
    It is a good suggestion though.


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