Blank window is got when you go to the registration form

Hi Guys, I have installed this extension on OC2.2.0.0. I have also enabled Facebook following your instructions successfully. But a blank window is got when you go to the registration form in my website. If I disable the app from OC2.2.0.0 dashboard, registration form works well but without your extension Please let me know what to do.
Thanks, Apro Chile


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team

    when exactly do you see the blank page?
    When going to the registration page, or after trying to login with a social network?

    A blank page is usually due to a PHP error.
    Could you check your logs for any errors?

  • We will compile the next PHP code and resolve the errors. There are three. Four depending on how you describe the errors (more on that later). For now, bonus points if you can find another error. When we run this code, we get the first error: PHP Parse error: parse error, expect ',' or ';' in error.php on line 3. Before we fix this error, let's interpret the error. PHP errors have three main components: The type of error detected, in the beginning, tells us the type of error. PHP has many types of errors. Parse or Fatal errors are common. We can work for now. Example: Parse PHP error. The error message gives hint about the error. Example: expecting ',' or ';' An error tells us where the error occurred. Example: error.php on line 3. Together these features provide all the information we need to edit our code. The error tells us that we have a parse error on line 3. Viewing line 3 again: This is where such an error can help solve the mystery. For parse errors, an error always occurs on the previous line because the parser continues until it reads the wrong configuration. Now if you write this code, you may not see the error. In case the error message provides a hint: expect ',' or ';'. Expect to come, What? the echo allows you to generate multiple strings separated by commas. However, this is not our intention.

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