It does not work with https And so with http

When the ssl is not enabled appears the User option to sign in with oneall but if ssl is enabled simply add up all the login button


  • Hi,
    Your question is not very clear unfortunately.
    Are you saying that with SSL, the Social icons are not displayed?

  • Yes , when I disable the ssl appears the icons for the visitor to login or register, but to enable ssl , the icons disappear , it's like the oneall was disabled.
    Sorry my English is not very good .
    I appreciate the attention
  • Hi,
    English is fine, just confirming.
    What is the URL of your site?
    Also, is there any error messages in the browser console?
    I'd try refreshing the cache, magento side, such that https JS library is loaded.


  • ssl is enabled , you see not appear the option to login with social networks . already updated , I deactivated the cache, but still did not work

    follows the website address
  • Hi,
    The error is (from the browser console):
    Blocked loading mixed active content ""
    That should be https.
    The Oneall JS code uses protocol relative url (uses whatever the page loaded uses).
    That does not seem to work here, for several other plugins as well.

    Not sure why that would be, besides some caching of pages from http.

    You could also try to force HTTPS for the entire site (by adding https in the Web | Unsecure | Base url), as a test.

    Hope this helps.


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