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How do you redirect back to current page using Social Login?

I have Social Login installed on Drupal 7. When logging into comment on a page, Social Login redirects to the User Page. When I login using Drupal Core login username/password, it redirects back to the original page to comment.


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    Which Social Login icon do you click on to login when logging in the comment page?
    Normally, when clicking on the social icons presented in the comment form, that redirects to the comment page (unless this is a new user registering).
    However, when on the comment login form, you click on another set of icons (a block on a side menu for example), this will not redirect back to the comment form.

    Is there a web site we can access?

    Also, in the Recent Log Message, what is the entry for the 'Session opened...' messages? (it should include destination%3Dnode/1%2523comment-form).

    Edit: are you using the version 1.9 of our plugin?

  • Here is the website I'm trying to implement this on: http://www.chikaracrossfit.com/blog/meet-yasu

    When I click Login from the blog post it redirects to http://www.chikaracrossfit.com/user/login?destination=node/100#comment-form

    When I login using the facebook icon it redirects to the user page

    When I login using the username/password field it redirects back to the comment form.

    Where do I find Recent Log Messages?

    Perhaps I need to change the page to include the oneall login icons directly on the blog page?

    I am using version 1.9

    Thanks for your help

  • edited November 3
    We have the same problem on our Drupal 8 website.
    The destination parameter on login form is ignored when logging in via social account. Please look into it.

  • Same here on D8. Please redirect to destination parameter, if provided, after login. In current form unusable.
  • Hello,

    could you please post a link to a page where we can see the usage of the destination parameter?

  • Unfortunately, I can't. As we're developing the website currently. Only oauth secured access possible to the dev env.
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