Twitter does not link accounts, and uses a fake email address.


I am testing a new website with social login. I am using Facebook, Twitter, G+, and WP logins. I tested all of them, and Twitter has an issue.

First, I have the plugin set to require an email, and ask for one if one does not exist:


When I login with Twitter for the first time, it creates a new user, even though I have an existing user with the same email address, and it doesn't use the email address I have in Twitter:


Please advise.


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    Twitter doesn't send email addresses by default.

    Your Twitter App needs to have this permissions/scope set in order to get the user's email address, under "Additional Permissions".

    2. Your app
    3. Settings
    4. Additional Permissions


  • Actually ... I was curious, so I used the Twitter button again, and it created a completely new user, with another fake email address.

    I can't have this work this way. I need a person to be able to attached their accounts together.

    I'll have 1000's of new users for one person, and none of their settings will be saved in their account.

  • I got this all fixed up. Thanks!


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