Plugin seems to be causing wordpress to send password change emails for users to generated addresses

I think there is a bug in the plugin. I keep getting undelivered wordpress password change emails for users who have signed up using oneall social login, they all seem to be addressed to generated email addresses like "". The email addresses for the users have not actually been changed however.

I don't have the generate placeholder email setting switched on in the plugin settings, but this seems to be what is happening. I've no idea why it would be triggering wordpress to send password change mails either! Can anyone help with this?


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Damien,

    Could it be that you have another plugin which automatically sends emails?

    Are you sure that you hav enabled this option in the Social Login settings?
    If the user's social network profile has no email address, should we ask the user to enter it manually?
  • No. there are no other registration plugins in use. It seems to me your plugin is generating the placeholder email then changing it to the one from the users' social profile, thus triggering a change of password email in Wordpress.

    Yes, this option is what I have the plugin set to, so surely it shouldn't be generating placeholder emails at all?


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