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Pinterest Scopes

While OneAll doesn't currently support posting to Pinterest with their API, our platform will handle it manually. However, we'd like to continue using OneAll for the Login/oAuth part of the equation. We need the Scopes added to the Social Networks Setup page for Pinterest so we can get Write permissions on behalf of the user.


I would like to see all of the options listed in OneAll.

I don't expect this would take much on your part, considering I'm not asking for you to actually develop the ability to post to Pinterest at this time.

Thank you.

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    A quick fix that satisfies my needs would be to change the oAuth Redirect URL

    From: [...]&scope=read_public

    To: [...]&scope=read_public,write_public
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    Hi Anthony, we will add the scopes to the API within the next days. Posting on Pinterest is also on our todo list ;)
  • Just wondering, is posting on pinterest still on the to-do list? We also want to integrate posting to pinterest, so it would be very nice if this is going to be integrated in oneall any time soon.
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