How to Authenticate with Steam ID and then allow user to create username specific to PHPBB install

This is the process I am thinking of.

1. User authenticates with their Steam ID
2. User is prompted to create username specific to PHPBB install
3. User's newly created name is displayed in place of the Steam ID from the on
4. User is still required to login with their Steam ID

Is it possible? Has it be done? Is there something similar I can do?


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Garnish,

    have you already installed our extension for phpBB.
    It should create users based on their Steam username and also allow them to login with Steam.

    What exactly would you like to change?
  • Hi Claude,

    I have the OneAll Social extension installed on the latest stable release of PHPBB3.

    When a visitor to my forum arrives, they are presented with two options:

    1. Login with their Steam ID
    2. Login/Register through PHPBB

    My issue with option #1 is once the visitor logs in with their Steam ID
    a. They are displaying their Steam ID on the forum.
    b. They can not link an existing account with their Steam ID, because they have already created a forum account under their Steam ID
    c. They can not create a forum-specific username that replaces their visible Steam ID.

    What I really want to know how to do is... how does someone Login/Register with their Steam ID AND THEN choose a unique username for the forum? And from then on, Steam ID logins create a session on the forum for that newly created forum-specific username. Not just login to the forum and use their Steam ID as their username. Does that make sense?

    Thank you,



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