BUG: Synchronize Identity doesn't update Facebook pages


1. connect with Facebook
2. identity now includes the Facebook pages that the user has access to

3. On Facebook, make that identity an admin or editor of another page. So for the identity this is a new page.
4. Now synchronize the identity (https://docs.oneall.com/api/resources/identities/synchronize-identity/), according to the docs this should "update an identity with the latest data retrieved from the social network profile", in this case Facebook.

However, it does not show the new Facebook page.

Also, in the user details it does not show the new page in the identities array of the json.

To show the new Facebook page:
1. you have to delete / disconnect the identity
2. then reconnect with Facebook which creates a new identity,
and then it will finally show up.

Can this be fixed?


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