phpbb + Social Login - Letting users choose a username when registering using facebook.

My website is - I've set everything up corretly, and the facebook registration/login works perfect. What I am having a problem with is letting the user choose a username when clicking that facebook button to register. There are two options in the extension..:

1) Disable profile validation
2) Enable profile validation

Prompt new users to validate username and email ?
If enabled, new users will be asked to complete or review their username and email address.
The necessary validation only occurs in case the username is taken, the email address is missing or the email address is taken and Social Link is disabled.

When enabling profile validation, I am generated this error, when trying to register using facebook through my site:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method oneall\sociallogin\acp\sociallogin_acp_module::redirect() in /home/mrdennis87/public_html/ext/oneall/sociallogin/event/listener.php on line 274

I am using phpbb version 3.1.10, and the v2.6 of sociallogin. I've enabled the option so whoever goes to my site, can replicate the problem.

Best Answer

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited February 2017 Answer ✓
    Hi Dennis,

    please open the file:

    and replace this:
    \oneall\sociallogin\acp\sociallogin_acp_module::redirect ($this->controller_helper->route ("oneall_sociallogin_validate"));

    by this:
    \oneall\sociallogin\acp\sociallogin_acp_module::http_redirect ($this->controller_helper->route ("oneall_sociallogin_validate"));

    We will immediately release a new version with a fix.



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