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LINKEDIN Publish Actions

It looks as though no publishing is taking place. The posting using the w_share option seems to have stopped 3 months ago, maybe at the same time as LinkedIn's latest update.

Please confirm this and let me know if we now need to do something more. According to our Application in the developer part of LinkedIn, it does still have the w_share option checked and client id and client secret match to that in the ONEALL settings.


  • This is the reply I am getting from the CURL: -

    {"flag":"error_user_is_not_authenticated","code":401,"message":"The provider did not accept the message: the user could not be authenticated"}
  • Hello,

    there is in fact a great number of successful shares for your OneAll site.

    The few "error_user_is_not_authenticated" errors are due to expired LinkedIn user tokens.
    In this case the user needs to re-login before you can post again on his behalf.

  • The last one published to my own personal LinkedIn profile was 3 months ago.
  • However, I followed your advice and actually disconnected the said token for LinkedIn. Then I reconnected. It is now publishing.
  • How long are the tokens valid for?
  • LinkedIn user access tokens are valid for 60 days, then the user needs to re-login in order to refresh the token. There is unfortunately no other way to extend the token's lifetime.
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