Member vs. Non-member comments via LoudVoice

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We are just now implementing LoudVoice plugin for comments on our WP blog. In the plugin's description, it notes that:

1. Post as guest or login with 30+ social networks; and
2. Existing comments can be imported.

I've viewed posts that had comments left prior to installation, and those comments have been replaced with: "Only members of this website may leave comments."

We were unaware of any required membership for this service. It appears to be very sleek and intuitive. However, requiring our guests to register just to leave a comment will be a deal breaker, as such is the entire reason we want them to have the ability to login with their social sites.

Are we missing something here?

- Ryland of Jesus Peace Radio Network

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  • Claude -

    Thanks, this did help! I did get into a little issue, that I'll bring up in another post (cross-site scripting).

    - Ryland of Jesus Peace Radio Network


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