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Difficulties with custom CSS

I am trying to implement a custom CSS on one of my pages. The buttons are showing, but there seems to be an error with the text / icons showing correctly.

The page with the login on is on; (every page but the index)

The css is currently stored on my domain, at:

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


  • Hello,

    we already have a similar theme available. Could you check in the customisation settings of your OneAll site?
    The 3 last themes have rectangular buttons. It might be easier to start with them and then to customize them.

  • Hello Claude,

    Thank you for your speedy reply.

    I did start with the css that I downloaded directly from the 'customisation' page.

    The issue is arising as I am wanting to have two different styles of buttons within the website. One of these is set up to use my oneall setting (on the 'customisation' page mentioned above) and for the other (the larger buttons, relating to my initial post) I am trying to implement the css using javascript
  • Hello,

    I have had a closer look and the problem is that there always two CSS files being loaded:

    - The default file that you select in your OneAll interface
    - The custom file that you are specifying using JavaScript

    So if you want to make major changes, you need to basically override most of the CSS tags included in the default file.
    This is possible, but a lot of work and far from being optimal.

    So what we are currently doing is modifying the JavaScript so that you can "tell" our system that it should not include the default file. This will make things easier.

    I will keep you updated!
  • Hello!

    Thank you for looking into this for me, I appreciate all of your help so far!
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