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We all are spoiled by live chat support from other developers and here at OneAll you can leave a request for support that might never be addressed, I see. You guys need to commit to answer all questions anyhow within 24 hrs, otherwise it is not interesting for us to use your plugin, see. I have a OneAll failure and my site stops working, no one can log in. I do not have even 24 hrs, I need an urgent assessment, thousands of people are writing to me to complain that they cannot log in, it is a nightmare and I cannot get a support from OnAll. I can only leave a question that, if God wants, might be answered some day in a remote future or NOT. Serious websites would not risk working with a plugin that is not supported. Please do something.

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    Ok forget what I said. You suggest to rate the question as Answered or Not at the moment you reply. And this option disappears when I am the last one to reply (and I understand people would normally first want to say THANKS and then to rate. Or anyhow people fail to qualify the answer. Therefore your stats show so many unanswered that confused me. Claude you are a superstar since you are answering nearly all of them. Sorry if I panicked at first)))))). Anyway I WANT to state that my questions are SOLVED but there is nowhere to do it now... Where are the thumbUP/ThumbsDOWN gone suddenly?


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Olga,

    I'm sorry that you are not satisfied with the response speed, but this is our public support forum where offer only low-priority support to our freemium users. If you have a highly critical website you should consider upgrading to one of our paid plans and then go through our support desk.

    I have already answered your question, please have a look at the answer so that we can move forward with this issue.



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