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Compatibility :: BuddyPress Redirect to Profile

Can you make it work with:
BuddyPress Redirect to Profile

I would like that once my users login with OneAll they also get redirected to their profile page.


  • edited June 12
    I am also looking for a solution to this problem.

    Currently it redirects to http://mysite.com/profilename
    Can I update a function so it takes me to http://mysite.com/members/profilename
  • edited June 15

    please open the Social Login settings in your WP admin area and look for this option:
    Allow other plugins to change the redirection url that you have chosen by using a hook/filter?

    Then set it to YES. Please tell me if that fixes the issue.

  • Hi Claude,

    Thanks for the feedback.
    In had that option already selected and on top of that I tried to make the custom url after login/register to:

    Still not working.
    Any thoughts welcome,

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