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Share comments and BBPress forum Replies

Is it possible to share particular wordpress comment;not the wordpress post
and also only BBPress Forum replies not the forum topic?

I am experimenting with wordpress version of your plugins. In loudVoice, we can share comment using only twitter and facebook. Can we add g+, etc available in your 30+ networks.



  • Hi Ram,

    with our sharing plugin it's not possible to share particular WordPress comments.
    We can however add G+ to LoudVoice. Would that be a solution?

  • edited July 2017
    Hi Claude,

    thanks for the reply.

    Now I am referring to Loudvoice plugin. sorry for wrong posting section but continuing the flow.

    Not only G+ but any of those 30+ social networks you offer us.
    Actually, If I have 10+ networks selected by using your other Social Login plugin, I should be able to use those same networks for LoudVoice comment sharing plugin.Is it possible?

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