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oneall is bypassing phpbb registration terms agreement

If you have never registered on a phpbb form and you click login with oneall it will register you on the forum without you having to agree to the forums terms of service, it just creates you an account.
Is there a way to force you to the registration page if there is no matching account currently on the phpbb forum that matches up with the oneall login?


  • Hi Ian,

    yes, it's possible, but there might be a solution which is easier to implement.

    You could simply add a mention like here:

    By signing up, you agree to our terms of use, privacy policy, and cookie policy.
  • That's a fair point, it does however still cause a problem as disabling registration in the phpbb forum settings doesn't disable registration via oneall. There is no way to stop registration and keep oneall logging in working at the same time because it just creates a new account after verification.
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    Hi Ian,

    what you can do is edit this file:

    Then you look for this code:
    // No user has been linked to this token yet. if (!is_numeric($user_id)) {

    And you add this just below:
    $this->social_login_redirect('Please register first', $user_id, $user_data);

    This will prevent new users from being created.
  • I will test this out, thank you.
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    Had a look and the core/helper.php file doesnt exist, I downloaded this one off of the site.

    I found your one on GitHub but I cannot clone it, i get readme and gitignore only.
  • OK, I managed to get it off of Git Hub but now I can't use this code, see below. I found another post that references this custom field code for linked in, so why has it been removed, or is there an alternative way now that I am unaware of?
    Now that this custom field function has been removed how do I store custom data into the database?

    394 - * Event handler for custom fields and user row modifications.
    395 - */
    396 - public function modify_data ($event)

    This was a bit of code I used to use but there is no ware to put it in the latest commit?

    $event['cp_data'] = array (
    // For example: a custom field named 'steamid':
    'pf_steamid' => $social['user_accounts'][0]['userid'], // Risk of E_NOTICE and NULL.
  • Hi Ian,

    we have submitted the extension to the official phpBB extensions repository at and the phpBB team asked us to remove that function as it only served as example and they don't want to see examples in the code.

    This was removed from event/listener.php

    /** * Event handler for custom fields and user row modifications. */ public function modify_data ($event) { global $phpbb_log, $user; // The data retrieved from the social network profile. $social = $event['social_profile']; // The following code serves as example for custom changes. /* $event['cp_data'] = array ( // For example: a custom field named 'tastes': 'pf_tastes' => $social['user_languages_simple'][0], // Risk of E_NOTICE and NULL. ); */ // Uncomment following line if you need logs. $phpbb_log->add ('admin', $user->data['user_id'], $user->ip, 'LOG_PROFILE_FIELD_EDIT', time(), $event['cp_data']); }
  • I have still got problems with the above comment, but is more applicable to the following thread.
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    Hi Ian,

    you can find the latest version (before that code was removed) of the plugin here:
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