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Is it possible to have custom profile properties within User Cloud Storage?

Can you let me know if we can store (and retrieve / search) custom profile properties such as role, telephone number, country, job title and so on?


  • We need the same thing. Have you done any modifications to the plugin yet?
  • edited October 2017
    On the User Cloud Storage API page at https://docs.oneall.com/api/resources/storage/ , it states “Our Cloud Storage offers a durable and highly available cloud-hosted database that allows you to store your own user data.” It appears from the Update User Data endpoint docs that the only fields available are the standard identity fields. Is there any way to extend the data so custom user fields can be stored as well? If not, how do other customers keep custom user fields in sync across their sites?

    It’s very important that we be able to store custom profile properties in the Cloud Storage. Something as simple as identity : customs : key/value/type might be sufficient.
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