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Sharing is ignoring the data-summary & data-images params

I have setup the page thusly:

<div class="oas_box oas_box_btns_lfnm" data-url="" data-title="Foo" data-summary="Bar" data-images="" data-shorten-urls="false"> <span class="oas_btn oas_btn_facebook" title="Share On Facebook" data-url=""></span> </span>

Because we are using interactive pages I render like this:

this.SHARE = function (data) { var _oneall = window._oneall || []; _oneall.push(['social_sharing', 'do_render_element', 'oas_box']); jsqueue.finished(data.PID); };

The share buttons render fine and the share works. However on facebook for example only shows the param of ? Linkedin seems to support the description and some the title.

Looking at the initial request to oneall it looks like this:{"title":"Please take a look at this talking point","title_inherited":false,"url":"","url_inherited":false,"summary":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","images":"","auto_render":true,"force_refresh":false,"shorten_urls":false,"opt":"","xopts":{},"caption":"Facebook","service":"facebook"}

So we are sending the data but why isn't sharing it on the social sites?

I have tried just now whitelisting the other urls we are using for the images/url shortner but this seem to have no effect.




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