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How to remove social networks from site

I originally set up my social login to include 5 social networks, but I changed my mind and want to remove a couple of them (and the corresponding icons on my site). I can't do this through my OneAll or Wordpress dashboard (not an offered option), and I can't figure out how (where) to change it in the code. Any suggestions? Thank you!


  • Hi Shawn,

    in the Social Login settings (please note that there are two settings panels) you have the list of social networks.
    Simply untick those that you don't want to enable and then save your settings.

  • Hmm. Thank you for your response. I only have one setting panel and can't seem to find the second one (I remember it from setup, though).
  • Hello,

    it's in the setup panel, at the bottom of the page.

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