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New Google Login screen


I have noticed that with the Google login (whether it has been this way for a while, or just recent Google change) that when you are putting in your credentials to sign on, it asks to 'Choose an account to continue to' likewise when if there is an additional piece of information that needs to be approved, such as an Address, that it asks that as well. Why is this the case, and not my site that is asking if it is ok to get this information?


  • Hi Brett,

    this is in fact a change from Google, we unfortunately have no influence on the login screen.

  • I knew the updated Google login screen was coming, just might be a bit jarring for users to see a third party is asking for their approval, and not our site.
  • edited December 2017
    Based on our observations the registration rate with Google has not much changed with the new login screen ;) So I think that for the users it's not a big deal. But yes, I agreed it's a bit jarring.
  • Unable to change any part of that Google Login screen then? Not even to show the selected API endpoint, which would at least show the name that would scare users less?
  • Hi Brett,

    what you could do is replace the OneAll subdomain by your own sub-domain. So this purpose we have the "API Alias" feature. It however requires Silver plan and you need to update your social network apps to use the alias.

    Best Regards,
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