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Considering moving to OneAll, How can I specify Scopes for Twitch?


I'm considering moving to OneAll from a similar service however I need to be able to request a few specific scopes for Twitch. Is this possible?

Thank you.

Best Answer

  • edited January 24 Answer ✓

    we have now added these scopes:
    - user_read - user_subscriptions (Read a user’s subscriptions) - channel_check_subscription (Read whether a user is subscribed to your channel)

    user_read is requested when the field "Email" is checked.
    It's checked by default as most services require the user's email address.


  • Hi John,

    yes, no problem. Just tell us which scope you need and we will add them ;)

  • Hello Claude,

    Awesome, glad to hear it. I would need user_read, user_subscriptions, and channel_check_subscription to get started.

    Thank you!
  • I am also in need of these scopes, I don't see anyway for me to request them myself though on the "requested data" page, do I have to ask them to be added as well?
  • Hello Claude,

    Awesome, thanks so much for adding these scopes!
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