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How to pass referrer URL from Social Login to another plugin using PHP?

Is there any documentation for how to pass the referrer URL from Social Login to another plugin after a user registers or logs in?

I am using OptimizeMember made by OptimizePress for Wordpress, and it absolutely overrides all redirects, sending registered and logged in users to a default page. I would like them returned to the page they registered or logged in on. Is there a way to pass the HTTP_REFERER or "current page" URL stored by Social Login to another plugin using PHP?


  • Hi Ozie,

    you can fully customize the redirects in the Social Login settings in your WordPress admin area.
    There is also an option to allow/forbid other plugins to override the redirect.

    Best Regards,
  • Thanks, Claude. I'm fully using these options, but they're not overriding the redirects in OptimizeMember, which is the main plugin on my site. Any thoughts on the PHP coding based option I described?
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