Facebook Logout Error

After updating my Facebook App to enable Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs the login seems to be working without issue but on logout I get an error message regarding app domains. I've made sure the domain is in the App Domains but it still isn't working. Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this?image


  • Also, in case it matters, here's the full URL from the Facebook error:
  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Mike,

    you need to leave the field "App Domains" empty.
    In the Facebook settings in your OneAll account you can find instructions on how to enable the strict mode.
  • I originally had the App Domains empty but after getting that error I tried putting those values in. I still get the error even when it's empty. Is there anything else it could be?
  • I just tested the login again after removing the domains from the App Domains field; the Facebook login seems to work and I am redirected back to the forums, but I am not logged into the forums. When I try to click a link or otherwise visit a different part of the forums I get the error from above. Clicking OK just redirects back to the error, so does typing in the forums address. The only way to return to the forums is to clear all browser cache. As far as I can tell this only affects Facebook. I've already enabled strict mode and have followed the guide to re-check all other settings.
  • Update: I created a new app following the directions again, verified strict mode is on, and still have the same error.
  • Update/More Info: I currently have Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon, Google, Microsoft Live, Instagram, and Twitter setup. I decided to test all of them again after encountering the FB issue. None of them are working properly. If I try to login to one I get the success/redirect message but am not logged in. If I try to login to the same service again the same happens, if I try to login to a DIFFERENT service using the same email address I am successfully redirected and logged in (even though neither service works stand-alone). I tested each login by clearing all browser history and cache prior to each attempt, except for when I tested two services back-to-back.


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