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VK is not working


I already mentioned there that VK login is not working. I press button and nothing happens. Error log is empty. Several days ago everything was fine.

Best Answer

  • I found and fixed what was not working.

    OneAll Social login plugin uses also WordPress Special Characters in Usernames addon to fix cyrillic user names. I have it installed and activated. As I understand it should run sql ALTER TABLE wp_users CHANGE user_nicename user_nicename VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ''; But for some reason mentioned above addon do not have influence on my DB. So I manually changed varchar(50) to varchar(250) in wp_users->user_nicename via phpMyAdmin.

    For some reason phpMyAdmin does not allow me to set it varchar(255), says that it is too long (error code 1071), max key lenght should be 1000 bytes. Ok, seems that 250 is fine and login is working now.

    Claude, please make retina icons! :)


  • Hi Alexus,

    could you please post a link to your website or open a ticket, so that we can have a closer look?

    Sometimes VK also will not let you login and you will get a security notice.
    In this case you need to go to VK, logout and then you can login.

    This is a strange security measure by VK on which we have no influence.


  • Hello,

    thank you very much for the updated, I'm glad to hear that it works now!
    Retina icons are on our todo list ;)

    Best Regards,
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